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Carlos Zefiro

Alcides Aguiar Caminha Filho (1921-1992) was a Brazilian public employee that drew more than 800 erotic comics - commonly referred to as ‘catecismos’ - under the pseudonym of Carlos Zefiro. In Brazil between the end of the 40s and up to the 70s discussion of sex was mostly forbidden. These were the first sex education manuals Brazilians had access to. Before these, nakedness came only in the format of Swedish naturist magazines. Except for a few friends, no one knew the real identity of Carlos Zefiro. Alcides Caminha was married with five children. and he feared police action against him, which could result in the loss of his government job as an expert in fingerprinting identification at the Department of Immigration in Rio de Janeiro. It was just a few months before Alcides Caminha's death, on July 5, 1992, that his alter ego came to light.

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