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Bjorn Copeland

Bjorn Copeland has been a member of the New York art and music community for over a decade. After graduating RISD in 1998, Bjorn and his band Black Dice moved to Brooklyn to continue to write and produce. Concurrently, Bjorn continued to refine his unique style of collage, both for Dice related projects as well as for numerous art exhibitions and group shows. Bjorn has shown work around the world, including at Jack Hanley Gallery, Daniel Reich Gallery, Gagosian Gallery, D'Amelio Terras, and around the world.

PBox World

by Dan Nadel

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Just checking in.

The Living Experience

by Leon Sadler

Gelshots: Advice for animals

PBox World

by Dan Nadel

Round-Up Rodeo

A ton of links.


PBox World

by Dan Nadel

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