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Ben Jones

Ben Jones (b. 1977) is a founding member of the art group Paper Rad. He has created no less than six publications for PictureBox, most now scarce "collectables", and has also made furniture and many videos. He even created that mischevious M.I.A.'s entire aesthetic for her first record. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone. Far more importantly, Jonesy has mounted solo exhibitions everywhere from Athens, Greece (AMP) to NYC (Deitch Proejcts) to the Modern Art Museum-Fort Worth. He also maintains deep roots in the "noise" community. He is currently at work on his own animated series for the Cartoon Network, so now he lives in L.A. and drives a Prius.

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Cold Heat 4
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New Painting and Drawing
Cold Heat 2
Wu Tang Comics
Cold Heat Special #1
The Ganzfeld 7
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Smoke Everyday
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Men's Group
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PBox World

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