The Hobbit by Marc Bell and Peter Thompson

Carrot for Girls
by Matthew Thurber

by Ben Jones and CF

Free Radicals edited by Leif Goldberg

by Black Dice and Jason Frank Rothenberg

by Brian Chippendale

Utility Sketchbook
by Anonymous

Blockhead Blues
by Eddie Martinez

Comics Comics #2
edited by Tim Holder and Dan Nadel

Cold Heat Poster
by Ben Jones and Frank Santoro

Tank poster by Gary Panter

Drawing poster by Brian Chippendale

Wu-Tang Comics
by Ben Jones

Tuff Stuff
by Joe Bradley
Silkscreen black light prints
by Charles Burns, Jim Drain, Ara Peterson, Melissa Brown, Gary Panter, Paper Rad, Rebecca Bird & Matthew Thurber.

Core of Caligula Vol 1 by CF

The Good Life
by Taylor McKimens

The Garden by Michael Williams

Faded Igloo by Jim Drain

Cold Heat Special #4 by Frank Santoro, Ben Jones and Jim Rugg

Bottomless by Dash Shaw

SnooPee by Ken Kagami

NADA Catalog 2008

Pee Dog: The Captain’s Final Log by Ed Nukey Nukes and Jocko Levent Brainiac

Multiforce by Mat Brinkman

by Jessica Ciocci

by Sara Greenberger Rafferty

Untitled (Hawklog)
by Leon Sadler and Yannick Val Gesto

Untitled poster
by King Terry

by Renee French

True Chubbo
by Family Sohn

The ZZZZZ Series and Other Stories
by Michael McMillan

In the Good Name of the Company, edited by Brian Roettinger, Jan Tumlir and Christopher Michlig

Women by Anya Kielar
  • Tote bags by CF, Leon Sadler and Ben Jones
  • Book release/event prints by Brian Chippendale, CF, Matthew Thurber, Ben Jones.
  • 2005 Catalog one-sheet by Ben Jones
  • T-Shirts by Gary Panter, Paper Rad, Ben Jones, CF, Matthew Thurber, Eddie Martinez, Gary Panter & Paper Rad, Jon Vermilyea, Frank Santoro.
Related Books and Projects
  • What Nerve: Alternative Figures in American Art, 1960 to the Present by Dan Nadel (DAP/RISD, 2014)
  • Dorothy and Otis: Designing the American Dream by Norman Hathaway and Dan Nadel (Harper Design, 2014)
  • Karl Wirsum edited by Dan Nadel (Derek Eller Gallery, 2013)
  • Electrical Banana: Masters of Psychedelic Art by Norman Hathaway and Dan Nadel (Damiani, 2012)
  • Art in Time by Dan Nadel (Abrams, 2010)
  • Wilco Summer Tour Program (dBpm, 2009)
  • Where Demented Wented: The Art and Comics of Rory Hayes (Fantagraphics, 2008)
  • Art Out of Time by Dan Nadel (Abrams, 2006)
  • We All Die Alone by Mark Newgarden, edited by Dan Nadel (Fantagraphics, 2006)
  • Wunderground: Providence, 1995 to the present, Dan Nadel and Helene Silverman, creative direction (Gingko, 2006)
  • A Ghost is Born (LP and CD design), Wilco
  • Cheap Laffs by Mark Newgarden and PictureBox (Abrams, 2004)